A child that demands, you discipline, but a child that requests, you grant.

Many a time, demands are met, but at what costs?

People need to stop demanding and denying, but focus on building a better world. If I have R500 for the Month, and you demand R300, how long would we survive till our next income? It is a personal view to accept facts or reject knowledge.

Many a time, men sat on the table to discuss serious issues, and serious peaceful, beneficial solutions were discovered.

Many a time, students sat to learn together in class, went to study together after school, came to write exams together. Nothing that they learnt was about hatred, war, jealousy and envy, but they forgot the good lessons and taught themselves new ones. Prosperity stopped because the syllabus was changed. Is that the way forward?

We grow together sharing a common space, eat, sleep, laugh, cry and learn from the same teachers, but when they go their way, they decide to change the rules? Really? Why?

I grow up asking, and when I am tired of it, I take from the other even at the cost of life.  what happened to hope and perseverance? (Not right)

Please continue the letter for me, please. CCE is the answer.