Statehill was established in 2013, with the aim to serve the communities of South Africa with information that will make lives easier, we discovered the CCE (Cultural Carnival Event) in 2016. Previously known as the NHCE. Due to the many nhc organizations, we found it necessary to change and find a unique name for our unique world event. Today, we’re President’s Park’s CCE.

Where we began-2013 

Welcome to  


CCE, brings a world of change to the norms of our cultural celebrations in South Africa, and inviting all citizens and tourists to collaboratively partake in as one.

Startups and SMEs can also benefit at the venue, by displaying their products and services in our (Expo). Aimed at community building and talent shaping, sets a different standard to community development.

Founded on the beliefs of Ubuntu, peace and heritage, the CCE aims at uniting all cultures of the world to celebrate as one and display all their unique colors.

Our Plan

Statehill is a company with unique ideologies and community development goals, which aim to create a community of cultural enthusiasts through the CCE, that will share, exchange ideas, to help alleviate unemployment and other community concerns in all regions of the partakers. CCE is a place to make a friend, and Make a better world.

“By removing the wedge of intolerance between us, we will see a beautiful world”