The international CCE, an annual gathering of diverse cultures of the world to celebrate their heritage day. CCE is not a political organisation nor affiliated with any political goals, but a new carnival event for all cultural enthusiasts to; perform, sell and show off their attires in one location, the President’s Park.

There is no better culture in the world, but they are all unique and appreciative of the other’s well being and right to freedom of expression.

“What is wonderful to see and acknowledge is your dedication to your culture. The way you dance in your special attire is worth showing to the world because of the fun you feel doing it. This is CCE.”

“For the first time in the entire world, let us dance together”

“Dress Up and Participate”

“Share in the Joy of Cultural celebrations at the CCE” 


We heard people asking what their culture is and where it originates. Don’t worry yourselves with that. At the CCE, you can be and dress any culture.

It is time for world unity, peace and freedom. Let us all channel our focus in making our world a better place. God created us to love one another and He put us on the same earth to pursue that. Did it change? Forget politics and accept that we are all on borrow time and it is what you do with it that will either put you in favor with God for your eternal rest, or in enmity for your eternal damnation. World fame through another’s sorrow has no glory, but a good person is never forgotten by even angels.





  • You are a good and kind man when you ensure a better world for the future human beings that will inhibit the earth.
  • Taking away jobs by replacing mankind with machines, is selfish and will not sustain life on earth.
  • All mankind is strangers and aliens to this world, neither do we own it or can command it, but it’s a God given privilege to exist in it for a while.
  • It is everyone’s freedom to visit around and admire what you have done. Be hospitable.
  • When one is hungry, don’t judge, but give them bread to eat. You don’t know the reason they’re there. Maybe to bless you.
  • Welcome them that visit you, they come bearing gifts. Rejoice and take good care of them till they return to their homes. They will do the same to you and your children one day.
  • Make it a peaceful world.

CCE- South Africa


Everyone is invited


CCE does not condone violent expressions nor carrying of weapons.

What is important to note is, no culture was formed during a particular war or was it based on war cries and marches. It is a people and their special heritage attire. This attire is used to dance for peace, rain and prosperity, among other requests made known.

The CCE is proud to present these cultures at President’s Park.




Message: Let’s Love One another.

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