Welcome to the NEW South African Park.

A long awaited family and business events venue in the heart of the Gauteng Province. Celebrations, Fun and Promotions are the order of the day, facilitating future performers and commercial role players. A venue worth considering for growth, well-being and distressing.

This new park in development, will boast with exquisite, glamorous, tasteful and colorful arrays of beauty, light and splendor. A cultural place to be at.

Note that President’s Park is a natural parkland environment with no formal concrete or tarmac roads or paths and has some uneven ground and steep gradients. Shoes must at all times be worn in the park and on all rides. President’s Park’s events held within the Park may require visitors to access such events by traversing such terrain.

EVENT  1:    

The 1st International Cultural Carnival Event  (CCE)

From: 14-Sep to 05-Oct-2019
























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